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Amira-Dior Traynham Artis

Today, the fourth day of Kwanzaa is represented by the principle of Ujamaa and centers on building wealth and revenue for the family.  OTP is lighting a candle to celebrate the entrepreneurial gifts and business acumen of our youngest team member, teen Amira-Dior Traynham  Artis.  The young lady celebrates her birthday this coming weekend with a resume that reflects the skills and accomplishments of someone three times her age.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries and wife, Dr. Rosalind Jeffries photo: Amira-Dior Traynham

Featured with her mom, Kenesha Traynham-Cooper, 56th Assembly District Leader, in our special November 24 Reflections issue, Amira-Dior is an established entrepreneur with her own sneaker line, and a writer, photographer, fashion designer, among other interests. Last but certainly not least for us is:  she’s a founding member of our Gen-Z team and doing quite well in school, thank you very much.  On this page are images the self-starter captured for OTP’s October coverage of the Eric Edwards collection ribbon-cutting at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration.  We noticed that her subjects tended to look her way, so her portraits of such leaders as Professor Leonard Jeffries were our standouts.

photo: Amira-Dior Traynham

“It was nice to get a different perspective of people as I looked through the lens of the camera,” she wrote in a recent email.   “It also was fun taking pictures of important representatives, leaders, and our community officials.  I love photography, so I also enjoyed experimenting with different angles and learning new techniques.  It is called work, but it was fun for me.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

Happy Birthday, Amira-Dior, and thank you for your service!  For more information on Amira’s sneaker collection, please visit:

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