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Save the B-25!

A Brooklyn bus route may fall victim to the economy. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has proposed services cuts for the popular B25 bus route in Brooklyn. The B25 links downtown Brooklyn with Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville and East New York. About 100 protesters came out Saturday to try and save the line, saying these kinds of cuts hurt the poorest communities who need mass transit the most.

Kevin McCall of Brooklyn East New York Crisis Team, community activists James Chestnut and Chris Banks, East New York United Concerned Citzens and Councilman Charles Barron were the organizers for the rally.

Along the route of the march and rally City Council members John Liu, Letitia James and David Yassky joined the group and along with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz marched along Harriet Ross Tubman Avenue, FKA Fulton Street, for the B25 line.

Many of the supporters were seniors who said a main concern of theirs was the number of stairs into the subway. They noted that they have to go to Atlantic terminal for an elevator, and that elevator has a history of not working. Brownsville resident Yolanda Matthews said some people have to walk ten blocks to the subway and that if Access-a-Ride misses their 30-minute window, seniors have to pay for a taxi with reimbursement being untimely and uncertain.

MTA assertions that the line is underused were met with disbelief. “Stand on any corner and watch the B25 go by, said Ms. Matthews. “It’s always loaded.”

If service is reduced on this line, local business owners said they would also feel the pinch.


Another rally is planned for Friday, March 6, 2009 at 6pm at Harriet Ross Tubman Avenue, FKA Fulton St. and Nostrand Ave to Save the B25!!

For More Info Contact: Brooklyn East New York Crisis Team (347)615-4210

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