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RISING STAR VOCALIST PAUL GROSVENOR is Winner of $1000 Summer 2007 Talent Search

By Patricia Robinson

Six years ago at a family dinner, Paul Grosvenor shared with his family that he wanted to become a singer. His uncle, Peterson Grosvenor, advised Paul’s parents to take him to the Patricia F. Robinson Music Studio where his daughter Erika studied piano and voice. That was the beginning of Paul’s awesome development from an adolescent tenor to a profoundly gifted bass baritone.
After mastering his vocal foundation with Mrs. Robinson, Paul quickly advanced to study with the studios classical vocal coach, Kurt Faussette, who helped Paul find and master his baritone voice. At the tender age of 14, Paul recorded his first CD accompanied by Kurt Faussette which consists of French, English and Italian arias, German lieder, show tunes, spirituals and more.    

Paul Grosvenor

 Paul entered La Guardia H.S. where he is further developing while studying jazz piano with Richard Parker at the music studio.
 The continuous support Paul receives from his parents (Paul Sr. and Kathy) has been the key factor in Paul’s success as well as the success of the music studio. Paul’s parents sit on the Board of Directors and work diligently towards the success of the music studio. They are proof that parent participation is the key element of success.
Paul is a member of the Black Student Union Opera Workshop, Gospel Chorus and Jazz Ensemble at La Guardia, and the Youth President of Mu-Te Or’s youth branch (Brooklyn Branch of the Association of Negro Musicians).
We are so proud of Paul and are looking forward to him being the next Luther. He has that same kind of vocal quality.

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