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Reflections on a Garden Visit by PS 270/ Johann Dekalb School




It takes a village

Last week, 4th and 5th graders of PS 270 visited the Hattie Carthan Community Garden and met with urban farmer and garden president, Yonnette Fleming. They shared their thoughts on the experience with Our Time Press.


I learned that they honor Hattie Carthan every Earth Day and in the Hattie Carthan Market they make bread. The scary part was when farmer Yonnette Fleming tried to pick up the chicken and it went flying! Thanks for the treat!!!

-Kiearah China

Magnolia grows in Brooklyn

Thank you for the Magnolia tree. The rocks were nice and I loved the chickens.

-Amber Santiago



Dear Magnolia Tree Community Garden: Thank you for showing us the pine trees and the chickens are really big! Thank you again for the Magnolia trees. I really love it and hope your garden grows more, thank you.

-Juwain Osborne

Thank you for showing us how chickens lay many different colored eggs.

-Chanel Nelson


Dr. Adeliade Sanford’s Family Came

When I went to Hattie Carthan’s Magnolia Tree Garden, I was awestruck. I mean it was hard to find a beautiful garden and I am so grateful to be there

-Kadhiza Choudhury






I was at the Hattie Carthan Garden and I saw rocks, plants, chickens and more.

We saw Mr. Haskin’s plants, then we saw an oven that made bread and they taught us how to make it. What I found shocking was a big Dream Catcher. What I found exciting was holding a chicken.

-Imani Ahadzi



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