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Stop the Killing: Message from the Grassroots.

On September 26, 2022, we received a message from a friend, LT, accompanied by a short video of “a group of brothers that do this walk every week, rain or shine, snow or heat.” She had filmed the walkers from the top floor window of her brownstone. “Are you familiar with this group? Are they a community organization? Can Our Time Press find out more about them for a story?” LT queried in her brief text. She told us that their presence gave her a sense of calm.
Five months later, Last Saturday afternoon, activist Omowale Clay, at an event, informed us of a celebration of the life in honor of Malcolm X to take place next Tuesday, February 21.

Brother Clay gestured to a poster of a group of people walking and said he would have its leaders Majid and Malik contact us about the Tribute and what they do to honor him through the “Stop the Killings” campaign created by the December 12th Movement. A couple of days later, we received more information and the answers to LT’s questions. Majid texted us, “ STK is a group of Black people, comprising women and men who volunteer to bring the Stop the Killings message to the people. We fund ourselves. We aim to counter the culture of violence in the streets by being in the streets. We attract like-minded people by being well-disciplined, engaging in conversations, and establishing relations with our youth. Being a constant presence in the streets is part of what we are.”