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Our Schools: Principal Voices Anne-Marie Malcolm

Madiba Prep Middle School – 1014 Lafayette Avenue

Recycling to Save The Earth “If you take everyday products and turn them into something useful, then we can save the Earth from Pollutants.”

Anne-Marie Malcolm saw a need in her school, Madiba Prep Middle School, and found a solution that has benefitted nearly every school in her District 16, K – High School. It is the District Science STEM Fair.

Ms. Malcolm told Our Time Press:

“The District Science Fair began as an idea with the 16K385 Science Team under the leadership of Principal Malcolm as an initiative to encourage scientific inquiry and innovation in our district schools. Our small team had an idea to showcase the best and brightest STEM projects from our elementary and middle school students.

Why Won’t Oceans Freeze – “In conclusion, the ocean
doesn’t freeze because there is too much salt in it.”

“Over the past three years this event has grown to include 90 project entries annually. We have shifted in our focus to incorporate projects that not only embrace experimentation but also innovation in robotics and devices to address real-world environmental and medical issues.


“I can conclude that a lemon won’t
make a perfect citrus fruit battery,
but it would give you enough to
make a 911 call in case you are in a





“Our top winners have investigated treatments for diabetes, developed alternate energy sources, built robots and discovered multiple uses for everyday items. This year we look forward to the new experiments and discoveries our district scientists showcase as they demonstrate their ability to dive deep into project-based learning, collaborative study and hands-on inquiry.”

This year’s District 16 Science STEM Fair Winners will be announced in a June Special Our Time Press issue devoted to area school’s top students and scholarship winners. (Full disclosure: One of the judges is David Mark Greaves, publisher of this paper) 2017 Science STEM Fair Winners are in the chart below:

District 16 2nd Annual Science STEM Fair Winners
Grade School Winner Project Title
Pre-K PS 309 Carlton Daniel Soap Floats
Kindergarten PS 627 Leeora Frith The Effect of Light on the Direction of Plant Growth
1 PS 309 Dontay Waters Breathtaking
2-TIE PS 243



Brooklyn Brownstone

/PS 628

Payton Marcial


Carlani Torres

Bristle Bots



How Strong Are Eggshells?

3 Brooklyn Brownstone

/PS 628

Lucy – Indigo Fow Destiny’s Impact on Liquid
4 PS 25 Azzaria Kilpatrick Elephant Toothpaste
5 PS 627 Jaya Pascal Charles Nuts for Energy
6 681- Madiba Prep Omshanti Limbu A Foamy Mess
7 MS 308 Kiara Stroud The Cabbage Experiment
8 681 – Madiba Prep Alana Matthew Sweet as Sugar



District Winner School Principal
1st Place Madiba Prep Middle School Anne – Marie Malcolm
2nd Place Brooklyn Brownstone/PS 628 Nakia Haskins
3rd Place PS 309 Tanya Bryant




Principal Anne-Marie Malcolm has spent 17 years educating students in Brooklyn, New York working in several roles at various schools. Ms. Malcolm began her educational career at I.S. 271 (John M. Coleman), located in the Ocean Hill section of Brooklyn in 1998. Recognizing her talent and drive, she was asked to join M.S. 385 to teach the first sixth-grade class. Since 2000, Ms. Malcolm has served in various roles as a 6th – 8th-grade English and Social Studies teacher, a trained Teachers College Literacy Coach and a Dean.


Ms. Malcolm received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Africana Studies from the State University of New York at Albany. She holds a Master’s Degree in the Administration of Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Adelphi University. In 2004, Ms. Malcolm received her SAS and SDA (Administrative License) from the College of Saint Rose.





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