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Bernice Elizabeth Green
Lillithe Meyers and Tiecha Merritt should add jazz messenger to their respective, impressive resumes.
 Ms. Meyers and Ms. Merritt are the co-owners of AJazz@, a spot located on the far north end of Bedford-Stuyvesant, at 375 Kosciusko St. and  Marcus Garvey Blvd.   The mother-daughter business partners are seen as pioneers for their success in bringing the small, intimate club experience and accoutrements B including the mellow music, brick walls, lowlights, and café ambienceB to the reviving area. 
Lillithe is an expert in training teachers and social workers in child welfare issues, and a consultant in Defensible Space planning.  She is employed by SUNY-Buffalo.  Her daughter, Tiecha, who grew up amongst the Agifted child@ ranks, co-owns with Baba Aziz, the African clothing boutique and drum repair shop at 150 Tompkins Avenue near Hart Street.  Tiecha once ran an intergenerational drama workshop and currently directs the after school and night center in Fort Greene=s Ingersol houses.
AMother used to have all different types of records,@ says Tiecha, who originated the idea for bringing jazz to Marcus Garvey. AI grew up on 45=s, Billie Holiday and the Mickey Mouse Club theme.@
De=Nal Maineculf-Brown and some 30 others dropped by last month during the Jazz Spot=s ALady Got Chops@ festival to hear singer-keyboardist Della Griffin rock on such classics as ANight & Day,@ AYesterdays,@ AHow Deep is the Ocean,@ and AThis Bitter Earth.@ Ms. Griffin was accompanied by young bassist Brianna Ford.  It was a perfect set and a pleasant surprise, considering the two musicians had never played together before.
Some other world-class artists who will perform at Jazz Spot  in April include: Doc Russell Trio, opening on April 4; William Spaulding, Kim Clarke,  Bertha Hope, Satchmo Mannan, Antoinette Perry, Rob Sheps, and many more. 
  The Jazz Spot is part of the 2003 Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium & 24/7 Jazz Festivals which is celebrating April National Jazz Month and is dedicated to jazz great Torrie McCartney.  Jitu Weusi of the consortium said, AThese two generations of women, Lillithe and Tiecha, have come together to make good, beautiful music for this community. With the great sounds coming out of this cozy place, Jazz Spot soon will be the >spot= heard =round the boroughs and beyond.@  Lillithe and Tiecha=s hot and tasty alcohol-free menu includes the tasty Billie Holiday coffee special, veggie patties, quiche, seafood patties and other light, healthy fare. AJazz and Coffee, please@ is out motto, says Lillithe.  The Jazz Spot hours: Thursdays at 8p, Fri/Sat 9p-1a, and Sun. 3p-7.  For ticket/entrance fee info, schedules and Monday night jam lineups, call: 718-453-7825.

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