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Hot Air Blows in From Dallas

Pro-Lifers Cause Furor With Racist Billboard in SoHo


     It is fitting that as Black History and Women’s History Month meet, the same consciousness that excluded both groups from the Constitution and behaved in ways that made those two months necessary, is still at work and has placed a billboard on 6th Avenue in Soho that demonizes both women and African-Americans and the issue, of course, is abortion.  This is nothing but a trick game, moving pieces around and thinking that people can’t see fumbling hands.
These folks don’t care a bit about African-American children or women, in fact, they hate them.  We know they hate them because these same forces want to cut education, health care, family services, day care and any and all programs that might in any way be helpful for Black children or women.   These initiatives they call waste, unless the spending is for criminal justice and then it’s necessary.

     Then to further victimize the victim and put a veneer of validation on their foolishness, these groups produce statistics that buttress the bemoaning of African-American abortion rates while at the same time working feverishly to ensure that the conditions behind the breakdown of the African-American family and the causes of the abortions get worse.
As always, the clowns are brought in, the self-hating Clarence Thomas’s that go out front and perform their minstrel ways.  
The show for the press at the Grand Hyatt Wednesday was put on by the board members of “Life Always”, a group of carpetbaggers that claims to have paid for the three-week run of the ad.  They featured Dallas, Texas Republican Pastor Stephen Broden, a favorite of FOX News, but someone even the crazies edge away from, as Thomas R. Eddlem reported on  “Even Fox News Host Glenn Beck, who had invited Broden on his television and radio show as a regular guest, distanced himself from the Dallas pastor: “I can’t stand with you at all if you’re saying stuff like that,” referencing the comment Brodie had made that the liberal trend of the Obama Administration may call for a “revolution”. 
Another self-styled Black Conservative present was Harlem Republican Rev. Michael Faulkner, who counts Fox talk show host Sean Hannity, former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich and the New York State Republican and Pro-Life Parties among his endorsers.  Mr. Faulkner spoke eloquently of the trials of Black folks having lead to a genocidal frenzy of our own making.
     The only reason we’re paying attention to them at all is because their group, Life Always, so insignificant they needed a billboard to catch the attention, had the money to purchase this Soho eyesore and lower the quality of life for everyone who sees it.  This is part of an orchestrated attempt, being challenged from Wisconsin to New York, to direct attention away from the villains behind the curtain, the very rich and those who make a living keeping them that way.
The good of this uproar is that it highlights the level of stress that African-American women are dealing with and shows the need to increase, not cut, spending that enhances the life of the child and promotes a functional family environment.  
     It is obvious that  the forces of evil are afoot again, emboldened by the results of the last election.   Be clear, over the years they’ve been prettied-up and air-brushed for Gone With the Wind, but they were misogynous slaveholding torturers once, and they remain anti-female, and anti-the poor and anti middleclass today. 
Now the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted to bar Planned Parenthood from receiving public funds and if you’ve accessed their services in the past, you know how dangerous this news is.  

Planned Parenthood is holding a rally on Saturday, February 26th in Foley Square, across from the courthouse in Lower Manhattan between 1-3pm.  It will be an opportunity to demonstrate that instead of causing division, oppressive efforts such as the Republican vote and the billboard propaganda, only bring African-American women out in support of Planned Parenthood and the services they offer, and that this mean-spirited consciousness needs to be shown it is  recognized and will continually be fought against. 
And as they are being taught in the Middle East and North Africa, stateside autocrats and their Black and white flunkies have to be taught that when masses of people unite, even the politicians they buy will become undependable and change their tunes and they won’t be able to buy a billboard big enough change it back again.

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