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Farrakhan: Nation of Islam Going Back to Streets to Stem Violence in Black Communities

(From The Final Call)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced he would lead the Fruit of Islam into the streets to halt the tide of violence “gripping” cities across the nation, according to The Final Call newspaper.
In an interview with Cliff Kelley of WVON 1690AM on July 6, The Final Call reported, “Min. Farrakhan said, ‘When the Nation of Islam was . in the streets, the violence  .  was not like it is today, so . we have to take our teaching and our example to our people.”
“ ‘It is a tremendous tragedy and a scourge on our community that after we have suffered so much from so many, for so long, that we would become the worst enemies of self. This is grievous. We are filled with self-hatred and I have to say to us as parents, we took our eyes off the prize,’ “ he added.
“When Dr. King and the civil rights movement opened the door for integration and made great strides in the areas of politics, education, employment, and public accommodations, those who lived through the era did not sit down and teach the struggle to the generations that followed, the Minister noted.”
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