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Black Lives Matter Bill Watch List

2019 Legislative Session

For the first time in a decade, New York has a Democratic Majority in the Senate and Assembly. The time is NOW to erase Jim Crow in New York by passing legislation that shows the world that Black Lives Matter in New York.

Legislation such as the Black History Education Bill and the 911 Anti-Discrimination Bill will have an impact on future generations. Below is a list of bills that we will fight to pass. Black Lives Matter Brooklyn promises to keep you informed about these bills throughout the legislative session which begins today and ends in April.

Black History Bill:
Incorporates Black History in NYC public schools.

911 Bill:
Will make calling 911 on Black people a hate crime.


Preferential Rents Bill:
Prohibits landlords from adjusting the amount of preferential rent upon the renewal of a lease, which often leads to huge rent increases for tenants.

Repeal the Vacancy Bonus Bill:
Protects tenants from harassment and eviction by repealing provisions in the Emergency Tenant Protection Act that allow landlords to obtain a 20% increase in rent after a vacancy.

Repeal Vacancy Decontrol Bill:
Makes changes to New York City code and the Emergency Tenant Protection Act to limit the amount a landlord can increase rent after a vacancy, protecting rent-stabilized units that contribute to affordable housing.

Enacts a New York State DREAM Act by creating the New York DREAM Fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards.

NYS Liberty Act:
Protects immigrants by making NY a Sanctuary State.


Reproductive Health Act:
Codifies Roe v. Wade in New York law.

Fare Evasion Bill:
Will no longer make it a misdemeanor for fare evasion of subways and buses. Instead, the offense will be a civil penalty.

To protect LGBTQ New Yorkers from discrimination.

Voting Reform:
Including early voting and automatic voter registration.

Criminal Justice Reform:
Addresses the recurring problem of lengthy delays between arrest and trial which acutely affects indigent defendants who cannot afford bail but maintain their innocence.


New York Health Act:
Provides Universal Health Care in New York State.


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