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Bill Aimed at Renaming Subway Stations to Honor Medgar Evers College on the Brink of Becoming Law 

Brooklyn Lawmakers Call on Governor to Sign Bill

A bill that would rename two subway stations in Central Brooklyn in recognition of Medgar Evers College has passed both houses of the legislature and could become law with the governor’s approval. The bill would order the MTA to append the local college’s name to both the Franklin Avenue and President Street stops, making their new names “Franklin Avenue – Medgar Evers College” and “President Street – Medgar Evers College.”

Medgar Evers was a civil rights leader known for his contributions to ending desegregation and expanding voting rights. By serving primarily students of color, Medgar Evers College carries on the legacy of an inspirational leader who gave his life fighting for the rights of African-Americans. Renaming the subway stops surrounding the college would not only help with wayfinding for the thousands of current and prospective students headed to MEC but would also serve as a tremendous honor and show respect to the Central Brooklyn community that cherishes it.

Two lawmakers representing Central Brooklyn called on the governor to sign the bill now.

Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie (D-20) said: “Renaming the Franklin and President subway stations to recognize Medgar Evers College would literally put one of our community’s most cherished institutions on the map. This community has asked for these renamings and their elected representatives have heeded their call by passing S3439A/A1512 in both houses of the legislature. We now call on the governor to sign this bill without delay.”


Assembly member Diana C. Richardson said: “Though it is one of the youngest CUNY schools, Medgar Evers College represents a proud tradition of academic excellence and community activism derived from the great civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Its impact on our community cannot be overstated and renaming of these- stations would bring this cherished college and our community the recognition and respect they deserve.”

The President of Medgar Evers College, Rudolph F. Crew, Ed. D, also expressed his support for the bill: “Medgar Evers College has been an anchor institution and stalwart landmark in the Crown Heights community since its founding. With the increasing influx of new residents and tourism to Crown Heights and its surrounding institutions, renaming these stations would solidify our school’s place in the community and serve as guidance to future prospective students and visitors.”

Educational institutions throughout the five boroughs have been recognized in MTA renamings, including: Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn College, Bedford Park Boulevard – Lehman College, 68th Street – Hunter College, 116th Street – Columbia University and 8th Street – New York University. While these colleges’ surrounding communities have enjoyed the recognition of subway renamings for years, Medgar Evers College remains unrecognized by the MTA system. 


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