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Artist-Activist Fathers Prepare the Next Generations



Dave Daniels with son Malcolm

by Dave Daniels
The 3rd annual Juneteenth celebration, on Monday, June 19th, seemed to magically turn one of NYC’s busiest vehicular corridors into a vibrant live stage of beautiful original creations by an array of artists; this Juneteenth program offered something of interest to both young and older. Nostrand Avenue, between Jefferson to Putnam, was closed to traffic and was packed with people rhythmically swaying to sweet sounds of R&B, African Drumming, and Conversations about Reparations and Jazz.

And I used the experience as a teachable moment for my son, Malcolm Daniels, 8.
Co-produced by the Cooperative Culture Committee and Sistas’ Place Cultural Center both long-serving Central Brooklyn organizations. The program opened with a libation presentation, an acknowledgement to the ancestors, by Sister Santina, speeches by local leaders, including NYS Assembly Member Phara Souffrant (District 57), NYS Assembly Member Stefani Zinerman (District 56) and NYC Council Member Chi Osie.
At the same time, children enjoyed playing on a jumbo inflatable bouncy house and buying story books from the authors,