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About Dr. Malveaux

Dr. Julianne Malveaux is a leading-edge intellectual whose provocative, insight-filled observations are helping to shape public opinion in 21st-century America. Dr. Malveaux, an MIT-trained economist, is a writer and syndicated columnist whose thoughts on national affairs, the American workplace and the economy appear each week in more than twenty newspapers nationally, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Sun Reporter, The Detroit News, and The Oregonian-among others. Dr. Malveaux writes a monthly column for USA Today, and the journal Black Issues in Higher Education. She is also a frequent contributor to national magazines such as Essence, Ms., Crisis, Emerge, Black Enterprise, and The Progressive, focusing on a wide range of issues, including politics, economics, gender, and race.
An academic fully committed to the finest tenets of scholarship, Dr. Malveaux has taught economics, public policy, and African-American Studies. In 1998, she held the Sister Julie Catherine Cunningham Chair at the College of Notre Dame in San Mateo, California, and has been a faculty member at the University of California at Berkeley, and an affiliated scholar at Stanford University. She has held Woodrow Wilson visiting fellowships twice, lecturing at Ithaca College (1998), and Beaver University (2000). Malveaux has also worked on staff at the Council of Economic Advisors, the Rockefeller Foundation, the New School for Social Research, and San Francisco State University. She has been affiliated with the Institute for the Study of Research on Women and Gender at Stanford (1987-89), and a consultant for both Fortune 500 companies and women’s and civil rights organizations.
Dr. Malveaux’s primary area of research focuses on the labor market and public policy, and the impact of such policies on women and people of color. She is co-editor of Slipping Through The Cracks: The Status of Black Women (Transaction Publications, 1986), and authored an anthology of her newspaper columns: Sex, Lies, and Stereotypes: Perspectives of a Mad Economist (Pines One, 1994). Her latest collection of columns: Wall Street, Main Street, and the Side Street: A Mad Economist Takes A Stroll, was published in1999.

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