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The elections are two weeks past and the votes are still being counted. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this election is that every vote counts and every vote needs to be counted. Voter suppression is, I think, the third original sin of the Republic; it comes after the genocide of the Indigenous People and the enslavement of Africans, but the Founding Fathers cut them all from the same cloth. They believed that only persons such as themselves, land-owning white males, were qualified to run the country. It’s a strand in the country’s DNA and genetic editing is hard.

Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota have a combined population of 2.349 million and six U. S. senators between them. Brooklyn, with its 2.649 million people, has to share two senators with the rest of the state and that imbalance is not going to change. It was originally put in place to provide a check on the “tyranny of the majority” by the larger states, and now it has become the tyranny of a minority of the nation’s population.

What can be changed are the voter suppression tactics being instigated by state legislatures. With the Democrats gaining  seven governorshipssix state legislative chambers, and more than 300 state House and Senate seats, they are able to control any reapportionment after the 2020 Census as well as remedy voting restrictions set in place by the previous Republican administration.

With the margins of victory seemingly always maddeningly close in Florida, with the restoration of voting rights to 1.3 million ex-felons, any 2020 Florida voting calculations will have to be updated. The election is still two years away, but we can already imagine Trump angrily denying the Florida results because criminals were allowed to vote against him.

Trump, Trump, always Trump. It’s only because the man is President of the United States that he is allowed to take up valuable and slowly diminishing space in the brain and there’s no getting around him. Special Counsel Robert Mueller will have to come up with God-knows-what for the Republicans in the Senate to agree to impeach. While the two phone calls Don Jr. made to a blocked number before and after his meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower give a glimmer of hope that a conspiracy with the Russians can be proved, it’s only a glimmer and we’re probably stuck for two more years.


Remember, every vote counts and pray the 2020 presidential election doesn’t come down to Florida.



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