Day: January 7, 2021



The Black American Library Card Project–a Community/BPL partnership– Celebrates the contributions and culture of Black Americans. This summer, Brooklyn Public Library will release a limited-edition library card celebrating Black American culture and history, in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Brooklyn›s Community Boards. The card will be released as part of BPL›s Juneteenth 2021 celebrations, the […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

AMERICA 2021The good 2021 news is that Georgia’s US Senate candidate Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock looks like the winner of January 5 runoff against GOP Senate incumbent Kathy Loeffler, with 98% of the votes tallied and a Warnock lead of more than 47,000, on early Wednesday morning. Rev. Raphael Warnock becomes the first Black US […]readmore


The Prevalence of Financial Exploitation

Ms. Benita is retired and currently lives alone in a home she owns jointly with her spouse, now deceased. She has no children, and her closest relatives are cousins who live in another state.Ms. Benita attends Bedside Pentecostal Church and has several friends there. She is on a fixed income, but thankfully, her mortgage has […]readmore

Community News


Editor, New York Amsterdam NewsIn Her Words It was an easy decision on who would be our top pick to usher in the new year, reflect on the old, plus launch the beginning of Our Time Press’ 25th. Journalist Nayaba Arinde leads an exceptionally long line of fine journalists who are passionate about their work and committed […]readmore

View From Here

A Nation in Tatters

View From HereDavid Mark Greaves A nation in tatters is what we are as we begin 2021. The exiting president leaves a government at war with itself and with the citizenry and the citizenry at war with the government and with itself. People storming government buildings were scenes on television from other countries, not from […]readmore