Day: June 15, 2018

What's Going On


NEW YORK, NY Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, 53, has agreed to a debate with her Democratic primary challenger Adem Bunkeddeko, 29, which will air on June 19 on Spectrum’s NY1 TV show, “Inside City Hall,” with Errol Louis. Both candidates are children of immigrants. Clarke’s parents are Jamaican. Bunkeddeko’s parents are Ugandan.  June 26 is […]readmore

World News

Thinker’s Notebook: Death of a Dynasty

Around 335 BC, Aristotle analyzed Greek tragedy and drama and stated that all Greek plays have two parts: the complication and the unraveling. The complication is when the protagonist finds trouble as the knot is revealed or tightened. The unraveling is when the knot is loosened; in comedy and drama this normally means that the […]readmore


Community Calendar

Saturday, June 16th   18th Annual Fort Greene Brooklyn Juneteenth Arts Festival Cuyler Gore Park, 12-6PM, 2 Greene Avenue, FREE Music! Dance! Poetry! Artistry! Fashion! Food! Community! History! Presented by the Cooperative Culture Collective hosted by Gha’il Rhodes-Benjamin and Angela Moseley with Richard Green and Graham Witherspoon as speakers. Performances by Kiara Copeland, Iyaba Mandingo, Javier […]readmore

Community News

The Best of Our Time

Community and education activists are a major reason P.S. 25/Eubie Blake School is staying open for another year. But the school’s administrators and parents give credit to the students, who provided the impetus for advocates to go the distance. Tuesday, June 12, P.S. 25 students worked the school’s garden in the morning, pulling weeds and […]readmore

City Politics

Sideline the NFL’s Manufactured Idea of Patriotism

By Assemblymember Walter T. Mosley Last week, the National Football League issued a un-American policy that will prohibit players from protesting the National Anthem by kneeling on the field. This new policy is a manufactured and forced form of patriotism that specifically targets people of color, and it should not be tolerated. In 1791, members […]readmore