Day: March 23, 2018


View From Here: New Report Reveals True Extent of the

What is wrong with Black people, particularly Black men? Why can’t they get it together? These questions and others are answered by a new report, “Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States, An Intergenerational Perspective,” that shows how racism permeates the culture like an evil thing intent on the destruction of Black men from […]readmore

City Politics

Cornegy, Black Clergy Question AQE’s Racial Makeup

By Stephen Witt, Kings County Politics City Council member Robert Cornegy, Jr. (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant, Northern Crown Heights) and an organization of Black ministers from around the city are wondering why a nonprofit education advocacy organization, which purports to speak on behalf of Black and Brown students, does not have a Black or Brown executive director or any Black […]readmore

City Politics Health & Wellness

BP ADAMS Campaigns Against Colon Cancer Free Health Screenings Across

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams kicked off Colon Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a community forum in the Courtroom of Brooklyn Borough Hall where he joined colon cancer survivors, gastroenterologists, and oncology nutritionists in highlighting that the disease is curable, treatable, and preventable. Central and eastern Brooklyn, in particular, have been hit particularly hard […]readmore

Community News

The Year of the Woman is in Full Effect at

In perfect timing for what is slated to be the “Year of the Woman,” Angela Hope Weusi graciously gathered African women delegates and interested community members alike in her restaurant business, “For My Sweet.” Attended by lawyers, professors and dignitaries, the purpose of the gathering was to network and shed much-needed light on pressing issues […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Charlie Davis and the Wandering Baton

Charlie Davis was laid to rest this week. Charlie wasn’t a celebrity or some star that the entire world knew. Charlie was a friend to my parents, a guy that grew up right here in the community. He graduated from Boys High, served his country in Vietnam, returned home and made a decent life for […]readmore

Community News

Les Payne: A Giant of Journalism, Passes

During both his reporting and administrative days, Payne e was known for his passion for justice and unvarnished truth. In 2006, his editor at the paper said that Payne’s column was, “so strong, so provocative and generated so much hate mail, that Newsday editors got to know the names of all the Suffolk County Police […]readmore

Community News

The angels came down on Sunday, March 11, 2018 to carry one of God’s faithful servants, Robert Washington, to his heavenly home. Robert–more widely known as Bob–was born on July 30, 1943 in Chidester, Arkansas to Booker T. and Irene Washington. He was the youngest of four children. Regarding his three siblings, Robert was preceded […]readmore


A GED Program to Be Cut in Half So Charter

A successful program located in Bedford Stuyvesant is in danger of losing classroom and administrative space to a charter school. Pathways to Graduation (P2G), which has serviced community members ages 17-21 for more than 20 years, would see four of its classrooms, an office and a storage room, reallocated to Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School. […]readmore