Day: May 30, 2017

Community News

A Night of Honors …

By Bernice Elizabeth Green & Priscilla Mensah It was a night of honors and more at last Saturday’s fundraiser for the Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford Stuyvesant, as the conjoined spirits of two great women — Hattie Carthan, founder of the Center, and Marcia Goldman, the president emeritus – moved through the event, from […]readmore

View From Here

View From Here

By David Mark Greaves While the Congress, the committees, the special prosecutor and the Fourth Estate looks for the “smoking gun,” Donald Trump and those he has brought to power, who are acting as though they are all Russian agents, promise to wreak havoc on Black and Brown people every which way they can. The […]readmore

Black History

African-Americans & Memorial Day

African-Americans may not have invented Memorial Day on May 1, 1865, but the following narrative from the Snopes Fact Checker gives us an opportunity to imagine that time and place. In his book, Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, Professor David W. Blight made the case for Charleston, South Carolina as Memorial […]readmore

At Home Community News

Roots of Inspiration, Motivation

Fashion designer Brenda Brunson-Bey, founder, Tribal Truths’ boutique on South Oxford, blends her grandmother’s stories growing up in the South and African ancestral callings to create her exquisite fashions. The Georgia native/Brooklyn resident is seen here in Fort Greene’s Cyler Gore Park, the site of the upcoming Saturday, June 17th celebration of Juneteenth she produces […]readmore