Day: October 18, 2013

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Hynes And Kelly Announce Indictment Of Gun Trafficker For Sale

Defendant Transported Rifles, Revolvers, Semi-Automatic Pistols and Ammunition From North Carolina To Brooklyn Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the indictment of Christopher “Country” McPhaul, 43, for illegally selling 30 firearms to an undercover police officer in Brooklyn on ten separate occasions, between […]readmore

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Cross-Endorsements Undergo Scrutiny As Elected Officials Become More Cautious

By Mary Alice Miller Residents of New York State and New York City in particular have become accustomed to moderate Republicans over the years. But the toxic ideology of national conservative Republicans and their sharp shift to the Right is beginning to seep into New York. Recent events have exposed the inherent conflict of endorsements […]readmore


October Is Bedford- Stuyvesant Month

October 17 BED-STUY ALIVE! – A TASTE OF SOUL Support Participating Restaurants online. 6:00p: Schomburg Center’s Ed Talks: The Misinformation of the Negro by Dr. Ivory A. Toldson. Ed Talks is a new forum for educational scholars and thought leaders whose work illuminates, challenges and transforms the pedagogy and practice of teaching historical and […]readmore


The White Man’s Last Tantrum?

Exclusive: With the U.S. government shutdown and a threatened credit default, Tea Party Republicans are testing out a new system of national governance in which they get their way – or else. But is this the beginning of a new Jim Crow era of imposed white supremacy or just the white man’s last tantrum, asks Robert Parry. By Robert […]readmore

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View From Here

By David Mark Greaves The Plight of the Right As we go to press, the 16-day government shutdown is ending and the threat of default on government debt is over.   What remains is a clearer picture of the Tea Party Caucus that has been created by a gerrymandering process that was meant to carve out […]readmore

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Upstate Roundtable

Is America coming apart at the seams? By Kimberlee Leto Is America coming apart at the seams? If I sat down to write a list of questions, looked on Facebook to see what people were posting about the Government Shutdown, Obamacare, Immigration and Welfare, that one question pops out at me. Is America coming apart […]readmore