Day: August 4, 2011

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History For Our Time: Abolitionist Movement

From the 1830s until 1870, the abolitionist movement attempted to achieve immediate emancipation of all slaves and the ending of racial segregation and discrimination. Their propounding of these goals distinguished abolitionists from the broad-based political opposition to slavery’s westward expansion that took form in the North after 1840 and raised issues leading to the Civil […]readmore

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City’s Black Firefighters Press for FDNY Accountability

A Fire Department official was grilled in federal court about hiring two white former cops involved in the infamous police shooting of Amadou Diallo. The shocking revelation was heard before Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis in a continuing case where the city’s black firefighters are arguing for a federal monitor to oversee FDNY reform. In […]readmore


Sports: Free Agent Frenzy

After a 132-Day lockout, football is back in business. Players are now able to enter team facilities, and training camp has opened for all 32 NFL teams. With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place, it looks like football will not be interrupted for another 10 years. For Brooklynites and the rest of New York, […]readmore

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War Crimes Forum Sets Table for “Millions March in Harlem”

On July 27th, a panel of distinguished activist lawyers put the themes of the upcoming Millions March in Harlem, “Opposing the Recolonization of Africa – Stopping the Bombing of Libya – Ending the Sanctions on Zimbabwe – Defeating Mayor Bloomberg’s Racist Policies” in a legal context. At the “War Crimes and Other Violations of International […]readmore

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View From Here

 President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously told  A. Philip Randolph, president of the Sleeping Car Porters union, that he agreed with Randolph on many thoughts he had about what steps the president should take, but he told him, “You have to make me do it.”  President Barack Obama is in the same office and if there […]readmore

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On the Aisle

No Child Gives Revealing Lessons If you want to see an indictment of the New York City public school system that is truthful, but also amusing, then you need to make your way to the Barrow Street Theatre to see Nilaja Sun in her one-woman show No Child. This is one of those plays that […]readmore

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Local Congressmembers Vote No on Raising Debt Ceiling

Central Brooklyn Congress members Ed Towns and Yvette Clarke both voted against raising the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion until 2013 in return for cutting $2.4 trillion in government spending over 10 years because it also includes with no new taxes on the wealthy and larger corporations. Under what President Obama and a majority of congressional […]readmore