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Tribute to Dr. Albert Vann



Sadikisha Collier Speaks
Many have talked about Dr. Albert Vann as a Politician, Educator and Institution Builder.
What I want to talk about and acknowledge is his contribution to the Visual, Performing and Fine Arts.

Dr. Albert Vann was advisor to the oldest Street Museum (or On-the-Fence exhibit), in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, for its 64+ years
Dr Albert helped to guide us to receive grants to pay for the stow each year of his regime fpr over 30 years. Every year he showed up to root for and encourage the artists. He even gave exhibits in his office every month.

The years I was President of the Fulton Art Fair he asked me to do a pastel drawing of his granddaughter. I was so honored!
Dr. Vann was my teacher in Junior High School. He lived a block away from me and I would see him walking and greeting his neighbors often. He was like a celebrity in the Bed- Stuy Brooklyn community where he was born and raised.

Thank you Dr..Albert Vann for your love of the visual and performing arts and for all the institutions you built and helped us to preserve.
Thank you for helping to support and keep the Fulton Arts Fair Legacy Alive.
Thank you for being a Great Educator.

On behalf of the Visual and Performing arts and artists, thank you for your inspiration and your contribution.
We honor you forever!