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The Joan Maynard & James Weeks



For Graduating High School Students Living in the Kingsborough Houses (Weeksville), Brooklyn
Why the Joan Maynard/
James Weeks Scholarship?
The Joan Maynard/James Weeks Scholarship was initiated with a $50,000 endowment from Independence Community Foundation.
It is intended to provide an annual college scholarship for a young man and a young woman living in the Kingsborough Houses located across the street from the Weeksville Heritage Center.
The scholarship is a tribute to Joan Maynard for her unwavering dedication to saving and sharing the story of Weeksville, and to James Weeks for whom Weeksville is named.
ThefFoundation, a consistent supporter of Weeksville Heritage Center in its efforts to restore the landmarked historic site, and develops educational and public programs, sees the Joan Maynard/James Weeks Scholarship as a significant link between the preservation of Weeksville and neighborhood residents.
Contributions to the scholarship fund can be made to the Independcence Community Foundation/Joan Maynard James Weeks Scholarship Fund.

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