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The People’s Garden: A Tour Of NYCHA Gardens

Over 700 gardens charm developments across the city; glory blooms in the County of Kings! When does one season end and another begin?  Chuck Vasser, a NYCHA Garden and Greening Program consultant, sniffs the air while scanning a new planting at Red Hook Houses as if divining the future.  Rituals like these mark the cycles […]readmore

Community News featured

Harvest For The Mind: A Souvenir From The Black Urban

Almost 300 celebrated national success stories in reforming our food system By: Morgan Powell Boys and Girls High School recently made history by hosting the third Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference.  Marquee food justice groups and growers from California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Mississippi, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and beyond related their stories […]readmore

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Magnolia Tree Earth Center's Garden Party Fundraiser

Offers Surprises and 2010 Hattie Carthan Founders Day Awards to Ten Top New Yorkers SATURDAY, JUNE 26 at the VICTORIAN MANSION in Brooklyn New York City prides itself on being ahead of the curve in the “green” movement.  But more than 40 years ago, the late visionary Hattie Carthan, Bedford Stuyvesant’s First Lady of the […]readmore