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Billboard Demeaning to African Americans Removed Within 48 Hours

The Story, The Players, The Background The alarm sounded on Monday, Feb. 22, by Council member Letitia James. “New York City Billboard Targets Abortion in Black Community,” read a statement from her office. “Compares Abortion to Terrorism; Refers to ‘Genocidal Plot’.” James’ office provided information from Life Always, an advertising organization that represents pro-life campaigns […]readmore

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Green Movements Grow in Central Brooklyn

Last weekend, November 19-21, the first annual conference to forge food, farming and policy solutions for the Black Community convened at Brooklyn College in New York City, convening farmers, gardeners, activists, students and community leaders from across the nation and around the world. The 3-day conference, attended by more than 500 people, was hosted by […]readmore

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The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought…

  Mike Bloomberg’s first thoughts the morning after Mayoral election night might have wavered seamlessly between “ I won!” and “I almost lost!”  A bittersweet victory/defeat for the richest man in New York City, who lives in a world where powerful egos have no patience with almost losing.  He won 557,059 expensive votes to Democrat […]readmore