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State says Brooklyn Hospital best choice to lead merger

By Amelia Rawlins
The State Department of Health this week reiterated its position that Brooklyn Hospital remains the best choice to be the lead medical institution in the coming merger, which also includes Wyckoff and Interfaith Medical Centers.

Health Department spokesperson Bill Schwarz said the state’s position is based on a continuing 14-week study and on Brooklyn Hospital’s financial position and management infrastructure. “The Brooklyn MRT report indicated Brooklyn Hospital was in the best position to lead the effort to identify how to establish single-system integration for the three institutions,” said Schwarz.

According to Schwarz, Brooklyn Hospital received a Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law (HEAL NY) grant on June 15. The $1 million grant funded the study to identify how best to form a system from the three institutions involved.

Additionally, Schwarz said now that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has been upheld, currently uninsured patients can anticipate a major difference and firm security as the ACA will help provide health care coverage for millions of people.

“There are many uninsured individuals in the Brooklyn Hospital catchment area,” Schwarz said.

“Given the ACA decision, the Brooklyn Hospital’s efforts to develop a single system for integrated health care take place when there is a mechanism to enroll the uninsured to provide coordinated care: the result, lower costs and greater health care outcomes.”


The ACA, which was one of the most anticipated government rulings in years, will continue implementing the Health Care Law that was passed in 2010 and will also have an effect on the way patients receive medicine.
In regards to the fusion of the involved hospitals, the official decision of when the merger will legitimately occur and the effect that it will have on the workers of Brooklyn Hospital are yet to be determined.

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