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By: J.E. Franklin

In my recent dialogues with white theologians, it is unsettling to discover how far they are from acknowledging, or even recognizing, the white church’s role in having created the instrument which has brought forth on the world scene a New Adam.

Whether we call him Anglo, Aryan, Afrikaner, Ubermensch or just plain “white man”, he is the same goose-stepping, ossified creature who has been menacing the world for centuries!

Just as Victor Frankenstein was shocked at the behavior of the Promethean creature he created, and which he named Adam, so, too, the white theologians with whom I’ve dialogued are expressing shock over the countless rampage killings of white males of all ages and economic strata!

The shock is a sign that white ecclesiastics did not intend to make such a creature and were ignorant of the consequences of their species-tampering, which is connected to a grandiose scheme to make an Adam which nature did not and cannot make: an Adam without sin!


This is only one of the countless, irreversible consequences of the willful ignorance encouraged by the white church’s own doctrine: to be “strangers to human affairs”!

As a “stranger”, it’s plausible that She genuinely believed She could subject the Caucasian to centuries of repression and be ignorant of the consequences! Her focus has been Her mission: To reenact what took place in Eden. To remake the world: to celestialize the earth…as it is in Heaven!   To remake Adam…as he was before The Fall: to angelize him!   To plant the New Creature in a New Eden.

As part of the white church’s mission to set an angel down inside the white man, put wings on him and turn him into an angel; She made some wrong turns, which have thrown him out of harmony with himself as a member of his own species. In turn, he has been thrown out of harmony with the whole world!

“Whoever tries to make an angel,” warns Bertrand Russell in his book, A History of Western Philosophy, “will make a demon”. For when human beings become what nature never intended them to become, they become grotesque.

It’s hard to fake shock when a whole flock goes mad!


Next year, February 29, 2018, will be the 50th Anniversary of the publication of the Kerner Commission’s Report on Civil Disorders.

Established by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967, and named for its chair, Governor Otto Kerner of Illinois, the commission was charged with determining the root cause of the over 800 rebellions which took place in inner cities between 1963 and 1967. The report found the following: “Institutional White Racism is the most fundamental cause of the continued unrest dividing the American nation.”

If the commission had defined its term, Institutional White Racism, the nation may have been spared the white rampages now plaguing the nation!

I have been asked, “What do the rebellions in the ghettos have to do with the rampages by white males?”

Are they offsprings of the same parent system? Are the lines of rebellion and rampage parallel?


The key to answering these questions is lodged in the definition of White Racism, which the world has been struggling to define and which should always be written as The White Race System.

What is this thing called Race? And what is a Race system?

The word Race is a religious metaphor for a species having ties to either the bloodline of Adam or to the bloodline of Jesus.

Keeping in mind that the word “system”, not “Race”, is the operative word, a Race system is a man-made procedural tool for making a species which nature has not made and cannot make!

What is a White Race System, and what does it do to Caucasians that it does not do to nonwhites?


While young men of color go wild over being met by unyielding forces of mistreatment and injustices designed to punish them for “breathing while human”, young white men go mad over being subjected to womb-to-tomb, pressure-cooker forces aimed at their intrabody de-structuring, disallowing them access to their species identity!

The rebellions of young men of color have been aimed at white symbols; the rampages of young white men have been aimed at people!

Let us not equate injustices, policies and mistreatments aimed at the oppression of nonwhite people, with experiential processes and procedures aimed at the intrabody mutilation and re-pression of white people.

And let us not be misguided in our understanding by assuming that the function of the word “white” is to identify the architect and perpetrator of the White Race System. On the contrary, the function of the word “white” is to specify the by-product: an Immaculate Adam.

The White Race System is a procedural formula hatched in the monastery and embellished by the white church and the state to angelize Adam.


Such an Adam cannot be created without violence to the prototype group: the Caucasian. The function of the procedural tool is to affect the Caucasian’s complete species overhaul: to hack into his intrabody unity; to overthrow that unity; to dichotomize him along an invisible and imaginary line of demarcation separating soul from flesh; to orchestrate the relationship between his soul and his flesh; to cloister off his white soul and protect it from defilement at all times; to block his unfolding as a human; to deroot him from the Ground of Being; to subvert his manhood; to eradicate his species memory; to assign him a species identity not given him by nature; to subject him to endless cycles of purging and cleansing so as to rid him of “the Human Stain”, or of what Edmund Spencer, in his book, The Faerie Queen, calls “the filthy blot of sin”.

Mutilated, ossified, set apart from his species herd, is it any wonder the white man, young and old, goes on rampages? To kill everyone “breathing while human”!?  With every bullet he can lay his hands on! In the hope that one of them may strike the Dr. Frankenstein who fashioned him!

If the white church will not apologize to Her “New Adam”, he will be unable to seek forgiveness for the countless millions of people, white and nonwhite, whose blood he has spilled in Her name!

Prayer cannot heal the ossified!

© 2017, by Ms. J. e Franklin, excerpted from her book, “The Real White Race System”. Ms. Franklin is best known for her play, “Black Girl”, which was later made into a 1972 feature film.



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