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Our Time Press takes a look at What’s Cookin’ at Brooklyn’s Coolest Dining Spots, this Month

Starting tomorrow through December 13

by Bernice Elizabeth Green

“You need the best ingredients when you’re going to cook,” wrote Maya Angelou. “The writer has to take some nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, et cetera, and boil them up in such a way that you can throw them against the wall, and they’ll bounce.

“When you cook, put all these things together in a way that the person who eats says, ‘Mmm, this is really good.’ “
CBJC along with its partners Chef Segundo of Sugar Hill Restaurant; Chef Andrew of Fusion East and Chef Patrick of Nostrand Social are serving up really good fare at various “sessions” between December 4 and December 13.
That’s when CBJC is offering great sounds on two different menus: one for those at home through a choice of virtual, livestream or pre-recorded video presentations. And the other for customers at elegant socially-distanced dining spots where ambient jazz sounds will form the backdrop for first-class meals — so delicious you’d think these chefs threw their pots against the wall and made them bounce, just like the writer does it with words in Angelou’s prose.
“A great companion to good food is background music,” Clarence Mosley, Jr., CBJC chairman told us. “In fact, there’s a connection between good tastes and good sounds. Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium’s holiday music series, One Brooklyn Jazz Festival, is an exciting multi-cultural jazz presentation celebrating our borough’s diversity through jazz. This year’s festival will help promote small businesses and positions the One Brooklyn Jazz Festival as an economic engine in our community!”
There will be something for everyone at the venues, including dishes for the health-conscious. But if you insist on your “salt peanuts” or “need a little sugar in (your) bowl,” there’s all that, too.

Kevin Walters, owner, Nostrand Social, “warned” us about his New Orleans’ Jambalaya and Linguine Seafood Special; Sugar Hill Restaurant and Supper Club’s Southern classics comprising home-farm-grown vegetables seasoned with turkey (not pork) and mile-high yeast roles plus cornbread are, thankfully, still here, owner Eddie Freeman told us; and Andrew Walcott is serving his singular artistry: chic combinations of Caribbean food and Soul food.
But the best description of how you will be treated and what these chefs are cookin’ up is on the websites. They’re also the best place to go to make the RESERVATIONS WHICH ARE NECESSARY AND REQUIRED! For in-person socially – distant dining these restaurateurs are strictly honoring rules and regulations set by the Governor, the Mayor and the Borough President.
Call in advance to make reservations or for take-out instructions and/or delivery details.

FUSION EAST, 1179 Elton St 718.975.5065. www.fusioneastny
(Dec 8: 7pm livestream dining w/music.)


NOSTRAND SOCIAL, 706 Nostrand Ave 718.576.6781
(Dec 4: 7pm dining w/ live music and Dec 13: 12-4pm Jazz Brunch)

SUGARHILL SUPPER CLUB, 217 Nostrand Ave 844.369.6811
(Dec 7: 6pm dining w/ live music)
Other participating organizations include: Sistas’ Place; Connection Works, nonprofit; ShapeShifter Lab in Gowanus section; Williamsburg Music Center and PLG Arts.
The full calendar for CBJC’s 10-day treat can be found at www. or at For more information, contact: or 718-773.2252, ext. 103 Bob Appetit!

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