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Medgar Evers Fortieth Commencement Ceremonies, June 4: Vann, Markowitz, Bloomberg, Liu, Thomas Todd

Guidance was given to the graduates  from Markowitz, who said: “Never be in debt, always be on time, only by  listening  can you  truly understand and when you believe in yourself all things  are possible.”

Bloomberg expressed his pleasure and gratitude to witness a diverse group of graduates and collective family members  accepting their graduation diplomas.  “I’ve been to a number of commencements this spring, but  I’m quite certain that this is the first one where the graduates include three  sets of husbands and wives, two sisters, a father and his daughter, and a mother  and her son, all receiving degrees on the same day. He further related the  significance of the graduates’ achievement beyond the academic realm: ”You’re  living proof that families that study together, stay together!”

Speaking to the assemblage of New  Yorkers who hailed from different areas of the globe, in particular the  Caribbean and South America, Comptroller John Liu an immigrant of Taiwanese heritage  who has attained a distinct notable political career and dedicated service to  the residents of New York said “The immigrant that comes to New York continues  to make the city a great place.”

“I challenge you  to do all the best that  you can and you can make a difference in the world,” said Councilman Al Vann, one  of the only living founders of Medgar Evers College. “ You have always had the  innate ability to succeed through your heritage, and now you’ve acquired the  tools to continue.”

The keynote speaker of  the ceremonies was noted activist and attorney Thomas N. Todd. “You’re  reaping the harvest of seeds planted by someone else who gave their life, whose  tears were shed,” said Todd. “You’re standing on someone else’s shoulders;  Mama’s, Daddy’s and the community.” He went on to discuss the significance of  the civil rights movement in facilitating the opportunities for minorities to  achieve scholarly goals saying:  “Today, you’re completing a  chapter in the book but you have not accomplished the book, it is your prologue  but not your conclusion. As Medgar graduates, you’ve learned to dig a little  deeper and stand a little taller for that is a part of what a graduate of Medgar  assumes.”