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First Saturday at Magnolia
Accenting the role of METC as a community resource, First Saturdays at Magnolia will offer a  monthly series of workshops on the first Saturdays of March, April and May.    
March 6th workshops are below.  Please send suggestions for future workshops to: Arthur Shepherd, Executive Director, Magnolia Earth Tree Center, 677 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

Saturday March 6
Workshop # 1 Parenting 11:00am-12noon, Parlor Floor
Raising Children With A Feeling of Self Worth – Proactive Techniques
Presenter: Willa Jones, Executive Director, The Association of Black Social Workers
       This workshop is designed to help the prospective parents, parents of infants, toddlers, and preschool children. It can also be helpful  to extended family adults, who have inter-generational interactions with infants, toddlers, and preschool children.
During this workshop we will explore a variety of techniques, which can be effective in:
(1) helping children to develop a positive self-image, and to enhance their self esteem.
(2) helping parents, guardians, and other adults deal with problems common to the growth and development of young children.
(3) helping parents and guardians establish short – term and long – term goals for their children=s growth and development.
(4) helping parents and guardians be Aproactive@, by providing them with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Aappropriate@ child guidance techniques, before they engage in Ainappropriate@ child guidance techniques.
(5) helping parents and guardians to gain knowledge of possible Areactive@ techniques they may use to help correct/alter a particular behavior, or a variety of behaviors exhibited by a young child.
Workshops are free but space is limited.  To reserve a space, call The Magnolia Tree Earth Center 718-387-2116.
Workshop #2 1:00pm-2 :00pm Foreclosure prevention, mortgage assistance.
Presenter: James Carr, Pratt Area Community Council
Ground Floor
space limited please call for reservation.
(First Saturday=s at Magnolia is part of  The Hattie Carthan Way Project, whose aim is to develop a sense of community along AHattie Carthan Way@ (Lafayette Avenue between Bedford and Stuyvesant Avenues), and to increase the impact of the Magnolia Earth Tree Center on the general Bedford-Stuyvesant community.)

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