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Non-Profit as Target Draws Responses

To the Editor:

The closing of non-profit in black and brown comminutes has become the new form of corporate greed. Vital servers re take out of the community and given to agencies that have become the new poverty pimps. FMCP article outlines this concept of classism; economic freedom and racism within a system that feels people of color can’t manage millions of dollars. The more you read FMCP history this article become more intense as how and why FMCP was targeted. I live in Brownsville and seen how FMCP serve various programs to educate the developmental challenge. Hey have provided the community inclusion and integration within the senior population.

I will also state the information in this article asked question that must be answered by Office for persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPDD) and Attorney General Office (AG) to see if there was conclusion between them. Their needs to be more extensive writing on this story and let the truth be told. I am also amazed how the abuse of authority and so few can make so much money were as the people who provide the services make much less.

Tamika Jackson




To the Editor:

The FMCP article is very disturbing. The fact that a people of color agency that provides service to those who cannot fend for themselves was taken out of the community and given to another community is simply economic racism. I find it is the loss of jobs and opportunity that was given to the men and women of these communities such as: Brownsville, Bronx and Manhattan. The abuse of authority by the Attorney General Office and OPWDD need to be looked into. The information in this article is clearly about redistributing the assets of this agency. Most people make about $25,000.00 a year while the receiver appointed by the court makes $120,000.00 a month just to manage an agency that had provided vital service for over 50 years. These communities that are affected should be outrage and our local elected officials should be put on the spot for allowing this injustice to occur.

Danielle Boyd

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