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Bush Takes Time For Move Against Zimbabwe

On Friday, March 7, 2003, the White House announced the issuing of an Executive Order against the Republic of Zimbabwe, specifically President Robert G. Mugabe and 79 members of the Zimbabwe government. It is now crystal clear the basis on which Britain=s Prime Minister Tony Blair has marched in lock step to President Bush=s war plans on Iraq in spite of the overwhelming sentiment of the British people against this war.
According to a White House press release, the President of the United States had executed an Executive Order declaring a Anational emergency@ because the democratically elected government of Zimbabwe allegedly represents an Aunusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States.@
This extraordinary Executive Order, issued on the eve of the United States (and key ally Britain=s) war against Iraq, exposes the conspiracy of the United States and Britain to reverse the historic land reform program of the Zimbabwe government. By targeting Zimbabwe=s president and 79 members of the government, the United States and Britain are trying to promote the problem as personal, rather than it being tied to Zimbabwe=s government leadership in carrying out land reform. It is this land reform program which poses one of the greatest threats to the privileged and unjust relations that former colonial powers like Britain have continued to maintain in their former colonies – land ownership.
Under the leadership of President Mugabe, Zimbabweans have enraged the British government and its financial backers by daring to make the necessity of land redistribution a national priority. This is the only possible road forward if Zimbabwe is to correct the economic injustices at the root of its underdevelopment. A road the people fought for during an extended and costly liberation war.
The issuing of President Bush=s Executive Order officially puts U.S. foreign policy on a collision course to covertly change the democratically elected government of Zimbabwe. This attempted Aregime change@ would be in favor of a government ending land reform, and placing British and United States financial interest in a position to re-colonize the country.
The Executive Order not only attempts to strangle the country economically, but is aimed towards the support that Zimbabwe has been garnering in the United States. The Executive Order directs the Secretary of the Treasury in consultation with the State Department to act against  AUnited States personsYincluding the making or receiving of any contribution of funds, goods, or services to or for the benefit of the persons designated (79 Zimbabwean government officials) pursuant to the order.@
The December 12th Movement and the Friends of Zimbabwe were directly responsible for hosting President Robert G. Mugabe when he returned to Harlem to speak on his country=s the Land Reform Program. Over 4,000 people came to hear the President and voiced their support by calling for Zimbabweans to Atake back all the land@ stolen by primarily white British colonialist.  By example, President Mugabe has continued to lead, not just Zimbabwe but African and progressive people worldwide.
The character and the success of the Zimbabwean Land Reform Program is critical to the emancipation of millions of African people on the continent and in the Diaspora. There is no turning back. A future for the dispossessed, the Awretched of the earth,@ is impossible without struggling against Western i.e., United States and British re-colonization.
The Black community, and all peace and justice-loving people will not be intimidated by the international gangsterism of the Bush / Blair governments.
As President Mugabe stated at the United Nations General Assembly this past fall, AAfrica is not an extension of Europe@, and we say ABush=s  & Blair=s foreign policy is not the foreign policy of Black people anytime or anywhere.
December 12th Movement & Friends of Zimbabwe

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