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  In an effort to stimulate much needed growth in our community, I want to take up the challenge of turning this Bedford Stuyvesant community around. I grew up in this neighborhood and have not seen the type of progress that I believe should have taken place. I want to do my utmost to evoke aggressive change and a dynamic in this neighborhood that will galvanize the black community and have all of us in a productive mindset. Our positive entities and people are limited and we do an excessive amount of lip service and neglect real service to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters. I am personally tired of talking about what we are going to do. We need to take action Massive economic growth for black people is a top priority for me and I am willing to work hard and long to see that our financial base and knowledge of finances is exponentially increased.
We as a people have to be ruthless and obsessive about our own self-interest. Do not let music and sports be our only areas of exceptional development. We have obligations to ourselves and to those that made our position in this country more livable, pray that we can meet on some common ground and really start forging a better future. We have come a very long way and yet, we must still keep going.
Wayne M. Devonish

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