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A Look Back in Pictures at the South African Festival…

Festival Organizer Joshua Sindisa Mrulekana Speaks

We topped last year’s South Africa Festival Fund-raiser 2012 proceeds raised by more than ten percent.  This shows that the South Africa Celebration initiative at the Bedford YMCA is growing stronger each year. People could not stop raving about the dance created by the interns and also the food that was prepared by South African restaurants.  My desire is to see more people involved in our endeavor and we have achieved that goal and we are ready to take the next step. Our special guest, Lebogang Mokwena, representing the Consul General, addressed the crowd, speaking of the “immense diversity” of South Africa and its “great potential” which the “world does not know about.” She also said:
“I really would like to thank the International YMCA for partnering with the South Africa YMCA and making sure that the potential our beautiful country has is shown to the world by using programs such as the Global Teens and Intern/Trainee program, a wonderful initiative.  I am sure it will be bigger with the {involvement of the} South African Consulate General’s office and make a difference in this fund-raising effort for South African youth.”
It was a very successful day and I salute my fellow interns, South Africans Geraldine Hawker, Davina Godfrey and Rufus Laverlott. Dordy Jourdain, the YMCA staff and I send a very sincere and genuine thank you to all supporters of last Saturday’s 2012 South African Festival Fund-raiser.  Next year, we will join hands again in this effort to empower youth for future life, leadership and service.

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