Day: September 5, 2013

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By David Mark Greaves The people who are pushing through the voter suppression laws, folks like the American Legislative Exchange Council, would gain a great sense of satisfaction at how African-Americans in Central Brooklyn self-suppress their own vote, as if to say, “No cracker is going to suppress my vote!  I’ll stay home by my […]readmore

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By Stephen Witt   Local elections bring good temp jobs   A recent glance at the Craigslist help wanted ads (under government jobs) revealed that there’s plenty of high-paying temporary work being a canvasser for a local candidate.  The top job advertised pays $700 for a week’s work, and several pay $13 an hour and […]readmore


Putting "Home" In The "Education" Equation

by Aminisha Black   We’re familiar with the enthusiasm of a three- or four-year-old. They are eager to explore and learn. They are confident that they can do anything. Reality is not a concept they embrace. Notice how few of our children are still that eager or confident at 12 or 13? What happened? Chances […]readmore


Ready For Some Football

This Sunday, the NFL returns as both the Jets and Giants gear up for bigger and better 2013 campaigns.  The two New York teams both missed the playoffs last year and with the Super Bowl being played at their home stadium this coming February, both will scratch and crawl their way to punch in their […]readmore

City Politics

The Race for City Council Kinard says, "Mealy Must Go!"

“Darlene Mealy must go,” says longtime community member and education activist Stan Kinard, who is running for City Council in District 41. Kinard was recently  endorsed by Brooklyn’s preeminent activist Councilman Charles Barron, the Amsterdam News and Our Time Press. “Mealy supported the overturning of term limits, a move that allowed Mayor Bloomberg an additional […]readmore