Day: August 15, 2013

Parents Notebook

Creating The Home Learning Environment

by Aminisha Black While schools are designated official institutions and attendance is mandated by law, the time is long overdue for parents and guardians to take responsibility for preparing their                 children to, first of all, survive the madness that is taking the lives of our youngsters on America’s streets or in wars being fought in […]readmore


Common Sense vs. Common Core

Common Core, an education “solution” designed by consultants to get our students on their toes — teach them harder, test them harder, push them harder, is flawed. The promise of Common Core is that our young people will be whipped into shape for the future. If the education system is to change drastically, there must […]readmore

City Politics

State and city lawmakers split On City Point Project

Mosley aligned with construction unions, James satisfied with local contracts & jobs By Stephen Witt The remaining lawmaker aligned with construction unions is waiting for more i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed before he considers withdrawing from a lawsuit to halt the massive City Point project in Downtown Brooklyn. Fort Greene Assemblyman […]readmore

Community News

Future African-American engineers present their work at P.S. 5

By Stephen Witt The excitement of invention and learning new concepts filled the P.S. 5 Dr. Ronald McNair Elementary School  last Saturday as the Summer Engineering for Kids (SEEK) program, culminated with 300 third- to fifth-graders from throughout Central Brooklyn, presented the solar-powered cars, gravity cruisers and model glider airplanes as they made and competed […]readmore

Community News

Campaign Brings Focus on Changing Face of Fast Food

By Aissatou Diallo By looking at the workers behind the counter at the McDonald’s on Linden Boulevard on a regular Sunday afternoon, one may think that only teens hold jobs in the fast-food industry. But only 18.6% of fast-food jobs are held by teens in Brooklyn right now, according to the New York State Department […]readmore