Day: December 20, 2012

Community News

Bed-Stuy Gateway BID: A GIFTWAY

“All of Brooklyn is invited to walk the BID this season … and beyond,” says Lori Luis, Interim Executive Director of The Bed-Stuy GATEWAY Business Improvement District along the mile-long Fulton Street business corridor from Classon Avenue to Troy Avenue. “We’re open for business … and more … all year long.” And for Ms. Luis, […]readmore


Eddie Castro's Sports: Off The Mark

The best words to put the Jets season in perspective would be “a roller coaster.” The team has had many ups and downs throughout the course of the year and many controversial moments as well.  All this led to the Jets going into this past Monday’s game needing a win to keep their playoff hopes […]readmore

Other News

After the Massacre – A Call to Action!

  The recent massacre in Connecticut sends a sobering message that can’t be ignored.   While reactions differ and debates over gun control ensue, the fact that 20 elementary school students lost their lives within a school building – is a wakeup call.   It’s crucial  that  parents, caretakers and relatives  realize that ultimately the lives of […]readmore

Top Stories

MASS MURDERS: Problem is more than guns

My heart goes out to those families in Sandy Hook, Connecticut who so tragically lost their children and loved ones at the hands of Adam Lanza. I watched in horror as scene after scene of police working to get the children safely to their families elapsed over the television. It’s a day many will long […]readmore

Other News

View From Here: Sandy Hook and Gun Control

It’s been a week since Adam Lanza walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton Connecticut and using popular assault rifle, put at least 3 bullets in each child of 20 children and six adults, before killing himself as police closed in. Many wonder why the massacre at Sandy Hook occurred. Into this quiet  […]readmore