Day: March 24, 2011


At Witt’s End

Build Atlantic yards in Bedford-Stuyvesant     If developer Forest City Ratner (FCR) wants to prefabricate all planned 16 high-rise buildings in his $4.9 billion Atlantic Yards project tat’s fine with me as long as most of the factory work stays in Brooklyn. And a good place to start looking for a site to build modules components […]readmore

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Harlem Sunday

Harlem Sunday Last Sunday, we covered Harlem: 145th Street, down Frederick Douglass Boulevard to 123rd Street, north to 125th Street, across to Lenox. We stopped in swell venues, bristling with the life of one art form or another: Harlem School of the Arts, Dwyer Cultural Center and more. Enjoyed the music of the United House […]readmore

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News Briefs

Brouhaha at 81st Police Precinct A Brownsville man is suing the city and two officers of the 81st Precinct alleging he was unnecessarily tasered after cops gave him a double-parking ticket. Jonathan Zimmerman, 26, a security guard, told reporters he was sitting in his car with a female friend outside her Bedford-Stuyvesant home when the […]readmore

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Police Beat

77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Credit card forging operation busted Operating on a U.S. Marshal’s warrant, cops broke up a large fake credit card operation on March 21, police said. Cops raided the 487 Lincoln Place apartment around 3 pm and were able to recover a large unspecified amount of fake credit […]readmore

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NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly comes to Bedford-Stuyvesant

Police commissioner Ray Kelly visited Bedford-Stuyvesant Wednesday evening (23) and promptly defended the NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk tactics. “The tactic is working and it is a valuable tool for saving the lives of people of color,” Kelly said at the monthly 79th Precinct Community Council meeting held at the Brooklyn Job Corps Building, 585 […]readmore

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View From Here

Economic Segregation We visited the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this past weekend with two of the grandchildren and their mother and had a wonderful round of educational experiences, looking at insects through magnifying glasses, being served pretend pizza with toppings and playing in water.  The big surprise was the cost of $37.50 for three adults and […]readmore

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City cuts housing program for the homeless

The Legal Aid Society is looking to sue the city after it suddenly pulled the plug on a controversial program that gives rent subsidies to 15,000 at-risk households. Work Advantage is a two-year rental assistance program that provides a rental subsidy for working families and individuals coming out of shelter to support their transition into […]readmore