Day: February 17, 2011

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Writers Call For a Resolution to the Situation at Medgar

As writers and educators who have participated in literary programs at Medgar Evers College, we have viewed from afar its situation with deep concern.  Medgar Evers College has long been known for its tradition and legacy of providing an educational and cultural haven for the preservation, study and celebration of the heritage, arts and traditions […]readmore

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City Council Blasts Wal-Mart at Contentious Hearing

The NYC Council hosted a raucous hearing on the potential entry of Wal-Mart into the NYC market. The hearing was hosted by the Committee on Community Development, chaired by Council member Al Vann, jointly with the Committees on Small Business and Economic Development. Titled “When Wal-Mart comes to Town: The Effect on Small Businesses and […]readmore

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Police Beat

   Crime Roundup in Central Brooklyn   77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Super Bowl stickup      Three vicious thugs turned a Super-Bowl party into early-morning violent mayhem leaving one person shot, another pistol- whipped, a third person stabbed and 12 people robbed, police said. The apparent planned robbery started at about 2 […]readmore

Parents Notebook

The Parents Notebook

Keeping the Spirit of Harriet Tubman Alive                              In an effort to get a sense of what our children were experiencing, I started looking at  the practices of adults, looking for signs that we were preparing them to make this country value human life more than money.   Holiday observations became suspect.  I gave up on […]readmore

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Better Gang In 2011?

              As we closed up the NFL season, for New York fans, it was not the fairy tale ending we all have hoped for from both the Jets and the Giants. For the “G-Men” the season started so bright with talks rumbling about a possible Jets/Giants Super Bowl. Then the wheels just broke off as Manning […]readmore

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Egypt's Revolution

Google’s Middle East and North Africa Marketing Manager Wael Ghonim, who helped enable  the demonstrations in Cairo from his laptop computer, would have found common mind with abolitionist and master orator Frederick Douglass, who escaped from slavery, on how to rid yourself of an oppressor.  Douglass would say, “Power concedes nothing without a demand, it […]readmore

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At Wit's End

News last week that 54th District Assemblyman Darryl Towns will become the new Housing Commissioner in the Cuomo Administration got political pundit tongues wagging about the pecking order of politics.      Towns, the 10-term assemblyman and son of 15-term Congressman Ed Towns, will make $150,000. His ascension to the state’s top housing job puts gasoline […]readmore