Day: January 9, 2011

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Why WikiLeaks Matters

Sheldon Richman, ( Why should anyone care about the secret diplomatic cables WikiLeaks has disclosed? So what if State Department bureaucrats say unflattering things about other world “leaders”? Some people may be asking those questions in response to WikiLeaks’s latest disclosures. Okay, they say, leaks about atrocities on the battlefield (such as the first WikiLeaks […]readmore

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A Brief History Africans in the Americas

Long time readers of Our Time Press will instantly recognize the figures below from former issues.  However we have acquired thousands of new readers over the years and we thought to start the New Year with excerpts of past issues we call… A Brief History Africans in the Americas Historian John Henrik Clarke was fond […]readmore


Queens, NY Rower to Follow Transatlantic Slave Trade Route

After seven years of preparation, training and two unsuccessful attempts, Victor Mooney (45), of Queens, New York, is determined to complete his mission. The veteran rower and his 21′ rowboat (“Never Give Up”) will depart from Cape Verde soon, which is an archipelago of islands located about three hundred miles west of Senegal. His focus […]readmore

Other News

Police Beat: Crime Roundup in Central Brooklyn

77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Man robbed at gunpoint A man of unknown age was robbed at gunpoint Dec. 27, police said. The victim was walking at 10:30 pm on the corner of Troy Avenue and Bergen Street when two perpetrators approached him. While pointing a silver gun at him, the other […]readmore

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Community and Faculty Ask "What Would Medgar Do?"

Esmerelda Simmons, Director of the Center of for Law and Social Justice, asked ‘What would Medgar do?’ at a community forum in response to a litany of administrative missteps under Medgar Ever College’s president Dr. Pollard. Simmons offered a list of action steps to save the school founded on the activism of its namesake at […]readmore