Day: May 31, 2010

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Baba Chuck Davis Proudly Walks … and Dances … in

Chuck Davis, the architect of  DanceAfrica – the largest cultural event in this nation devoted to the African dance experience and traditions, is very clear on his role: he is not the creator nor is he the founder.  “DanceAfrica is a direct result of what is happening in the community and what has evolved over […]readmore


Backstage Notes on the Concert & Benefit of the Year

The performances were electric, the awards presentations poignant, the huge crowd ecstatic at last Friday’s  Benefit Concert starring Stephanie Mills; in tribute to Hon. Assemblywoman Annette M. Robinson; and designed to support efforts to complete construction of an in-the-community banquet hall.  Even the beloved ancestor Chief Charles Joshua, who led the Central Brooklyn Coordinating Council […]readmore

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A Great Day In Bed-Stuy: Discover Your Neighborhood Expo Set

June 10th will, indeed, be a great day in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  Brooklyn-Queens Day seemed a fitting choice for a day of celebration.  There are still several churches that participate in the traditional Sunday School Parade, and efforts are underway to renew the wonderful spirit of that event in the coming years.  In its place is what […]readmore

What's Going On

Living Wage Bill Introduced

A monumental shift regarding how developers relate to working class New Yorkers was introduced in the City Council this week. Intro. # 251, also known as “The Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act”  would amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to requiring the payment of a living wage to […]readmore