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At Wit’s End: Bloomberg’s Street Initiatives Updated

🕔13:11, 13.May 2011

Although there is great fun in skewering the Bloomberg Administration like a shish kebab at a Halal stand, there are a few things in which I agree with our billionaire mayor. Among these items is Hizzoner’s fanatical approach to putting

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Concerns Remain On Day Care Cuts Updated

🕔12:54, 13.May 2011

Mayor Bloomberg restored his plan to slash over 16,000 day care slots last week, but at least one City Council member is saying his figures don’t add up. Bloomberg cut the slots – that are a lifeline to working parents

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The Parent’s Notebook Updated

🕔14:00, 3.Mar 2011

SANKOFA The Education Debacle continues to teach.  This current attack on teachers regardless of the tactic used amounts to elimination of rights and concentration of power.  In New York City the catchphrase is “Merit not Seniority”.  The million dollar question

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At Witt’s End:Local City Council Members React to Layoffs and Budget Cuts Updated

🕔14:05, 2.Dec 2010

By Stephen Witt Central Brooklyn readers wondering if their local city council members are on their game could learn a thing or two from their response to the recently proposed layoffs of 10,000 city workers. The proposal came last month

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Parents and Teachers Express Outrage at Mayor’s Choice of Chancellor Updated

🕔13:39, 2.Dec 2010

Former Hearst Executive Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg’s selection as chancellor to run the 1.1 million children New York City school system, has begun her tenure despite the outrage expressed by parents and educators of the process and her lack of

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“Cathie Black Must Go!” Lawsuit and Protests Begin Updated

🕔12:19, 2.Dec 2010

by Amadi Ajamu The fight against Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor-designee Cathie Black  will be waged in the streets and in the courts. Freedom Party leaders laid out their “plan of action” at Sistas’ Place Coffee House in Brooklyn on Monday

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Panel Denies Waiver for Bloomberg Chancellor Appointee Updated

🕔09:18, 30.Nov 2010

The eight-member panel appointed by State Education Commissioner David Steiner voted against recommending a waiver for Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg’s preferred replacement for Chancellor Joel Klein. Four voted against the waiver, two voted in favor, and two voted “not at

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Community Unites in Support of Caribbean Nation Updated

🕔07:02, 16.Jan 2010

“You are Not Alone” “This is one of the great tragedies to befall any country,” said Mayor Bloomberg of the earthquake registering a magnitude 7.0 on the Richter Scale at 4:39pm local time southwest of Port Au Prince. “And the

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One Valiant Effort: Thompson Concedes Run for Mayor Updated

🕔07:08, 7.Nov 2009

                During his yearlong quest for Mayor, Bill Thompson faced the biggest multi-million dollar campaign juggernaut in municipal history. He did so with style, grace and a gentlemanly comportment. The Thompson campaign spent election night at the New York

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View From Here: Why William Thompson for Mayor

View From Here: Why William Thompson for Mayor Updated

🕔14:35, 30.Oct 2009

Bill Thompson grew up on Putnam Avenue between Stuyvesant and Malcolm X Blvd.   The journey from those streets to being elected City Comptroller in 2001, managing a staff of more than 700 with a budget of $68 million and being

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