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Black’s “Slip” at Meeting is Slap Across the Face of Millions — Every Student in NYC Public Schools and Their Parents

🕔08:44, 20.Jan 2011

For the Sake of the Children, Cathie Black Must Go The latest Freudian juxtapositions of school’s Chancellor Cathie Black — on the even of Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary celebrations –were “more fuel for the fire” in the growing effort

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Turmoil at Medgar Evers College Faculty Issues Vote of No Confidence in President’s Leadership

🕔11:59, 9.Dec 2010

After months of chafing under the administration of President William Pollard, the Faculty of Medgar Evers College issued a resolution Wednesday evening detailing the reasons for their vote of no confidence in the leadership of the President and Provost of

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Educators Respond to China’s Ascendence and State of NYC Schools

🕔11:33, 9.Dec 2010

Commenting on the reports of China’s dominance in world education and New York State rankings that place the New York City schools at the bottom of all categories, educator Michael Hooper, chairman of Roots Revisited, said “We don’t have a

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A Blueprint for the Freedom Party

🕔14:12, 15.Jul 2010

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr. While a political party may be established at any time, a political party with ballot status in New York can only occur during a gubernatorial election which, in New York, is every four years. A

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Community Greets Freedom Party Slate

🕔13:57, 15.Jul 2010

Once again, several hundred community members flocked to the Siloam Presbyterian Church. This time the occasion was the presentation of the complete Freedom Party Slate. Eva M. Doyle, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, came from Buffalo. Attorney General candidate Ramon Jimenez

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View From Here: The Freedom Party – Waking Giant

🕔05:42, 2.Jul 2010

“Say it loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!” When we entered the Siloam Presbyterian Church, whose 161 year-old history includes the congregation taking up a $25 collection for the visiting John Brown on his way to Harper’s Ferry, the beat

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One Valiant Effort: Thompson Concedes Run for Mayor

🕔07:08, 7.Nov 2009

                During his yearlong quest for Mayor, Bill Thompson faced the biggest multi-million dollar campaign juggernaut in municipal history. He did so with style, grace and a gentlemanly comportment. The Thompson campaign spent election night at the New York

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