Obituary: Marie Francesse Louis

🕔08:56, 30.Dec 2011

Marie Francesse Louis was born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York on July 12, 1972 to the late Jacques Louis and Marie Louise Paraison. She was the eldest of five children. During infancy she was sent to

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2011 in Review By The Our Time Press Staff

🕔08:07, 30.Dec 2011

January Medgar Evers College restrained from evicting Center for NuLeadership The new administration of Medgar Evers College got into a heated debate with several elected officials and community leaders after it decided to evict the Center for NuLeadership. The Center

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Kwanzaa celebration connects youth to African ancestry and the world

🕔07:40, 30.Dec 2011

The National Association of Kawaida Organization (Nako – NY), held the 45th Anniversary celebration of Kwanzaa at Boys and Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. For the event, the entrance of the school was transformed to resemble a marketplace where

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Wellsprings of Faith: Ms. Alma Carroll

🕔15:48, 22.Dec 2011

Alma Carroll was touched by African History when she was born in Asheville, N.C. “The Land Of The Sky” December 16, 1925. Asheville was the summer home of the Vanderbilt’s and Alma’s grand uncle raised chickens at “Biltmore House”. Paul

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Wellsprings of Faith: Mrs. Jane Lee Weatherspoon Green

🕔15:42, 22.Dec 2011

1925 was a very good year for milestones in music, inventions and human rights activism. The Harlem Renaissance was in full swing; Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington made their first recordings; the first working television was produced; civil rights icons

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Dr. Josephine English, Entrepreneur, Medical Doctor, Passionate Community Advocate, Passes at 91

🕔15:28, 22.Dec 2011

Dr. Josephine English, beloved matriarch, real estate magnate, theatre arts trailblazer and medical doctor who counselled Malcolm X — a woman truly ahead of her time who epitomized the ultimate multitasker, passed Sunday (18) at the Dr. Susan Smith McKinney

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View From Here: Media in New York

🕔14:52, 22.Dec 2011

Gil Noble’s Like It Is was the institutional memory of African-American people. Noble had a Pan-African understanding of the world and worked tirelessly for the education and uplifting of African people, particularly those here in the States. Since Noble’s illness,

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New allegations against agency running women’s shelter Residents say they are being kept from permanent housing

🕔14:29, 22.Dec 2011

Activism at the New Providence Women’s Shelter on 225 East 45th Street is a question of survival. That after homeless residents circulated two petitions last month in yet another grassroots effort to clean the facility up. The petitions came less

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City throws lump of coal to people waiting for social services help No plans to address long lines in front of jobs center on DeKalb Ave.

🕔14:04, 22.Dec 2011

The city last week denied that the growing lines of people waiting in the cold to get social services help had anything to do with a recent Fire Department inspection of the building at 500 DeKalb Avenue. The denial follows

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Department of Education to shutter two Bed-Stuy schools Vann slams Bloomberg Administration for not keeping local community in the loop

🕔16:20, 16.Dec 2011

City Councilman Al Vann this week slammed the Department of Education’s decision to shutter one Bedford-Stuyvesant school next year and phase out another over three years. The Academy of Business and Community Development (ABCD), 141 Macon Street and Marcy Avenue

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