Getting Ready



The college-choice decision of Morehouse in Atlanta as a goal came very early, and easy, to 14-year-old Zion of Green Island, NY.  The Gen-Zer told OTP last Saturday at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, “It’s in the (family) plan!”  His aunt and mentor Gabrielle Smith-Jenkins also revealed, “Zion knew he wanted to attend Morehouse since elementary school. His older brother, Shaquille, is a Morehouse Man.”

Zion’s preparations for the HBCU’s application are already in motion. His community service and extracurricular activities include helping out his aunt and Uncle Corey’s Black Love Cookies burgeoning baking business (highlighted last week in Our Time Press).  His artwork keeps him focused while “seasonal work” at home and for neighbors, including snow removal and yard maintenance, keeps him busy. The avid skateboarder’s other athletic interests include basketball and football. 

Currently, Morehouse is the Number #1 producer of Black men who go on to earn doctorates: the Number #1 producer of Rhodes Scholars among HBCUs’; and the Number #1 Liberal Arts college or university in Georgia.


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