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View From Here – This just in: Ted Cruz drops out, race belongs to Trump, nightmare continues

By David Mark Greaves

Talk about living in interesting times, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President, setting up an election that is for the soul of the country and it has to be a blowout win for the probable Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.   Despite any misgivings, and placing any lack of enthusiasm aside, all hands have to be on deck for this one. If nothing else, think of who you want answering the 3 am call about North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s successful submarine launch of an ICBM or even Trump’s effect on the children.

The Democrats now have a chance to gain control of congress, and with the populist wind propelling them forward, they will be compelled to address the tax code and collect the $90 billion a year now kept in corporate foreign tax havens and use the money to invest in the nation’s infrastructure and education.

But first there is an election to be won against a dangerously clever opponent who has confounded pundits and bested the Republican establishment, resigning them to their fate of endorsement.  This is a man who is not to be underestimated.  He will use political low blows, eye-gouging and rocks when he can find them.   The Clinton’s will be facing their greatest challenge and the fate of the nation for generations to come hangs in the balance.


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