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The New Woman in Trump’s Life

The New Woman in Trump’s Life

Coming into his life in his dreadful new year will be New York Attorney General-elect, Letitia James, a strong Black woman and Trump’s new nightmare. With his business and campaign falling in her jurisdiction, and having said she will go after both, no doubt with the same tenacity she’s shown as Public Advocate, James is about to become the most visible and powerful state attorney general in the country. Like Special Counsel Robert Mueller, her name will be in all media, all the time. After that, it is not at all impossible to imagine the governorship and even a presidential run in 2026. Stranger things have happened; just look at what we have now. However, as tantalizing as it is, we don’t know why Fate has brought Donald J. Trump in Tish James’ arena, but there he is, and let the games begin.

The Other New Woman in His Life

And then of course, there is Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House, a battle-hardened legislator who is not afraid to get some street cred by putting her foot up his ass on national television. She dared him to call for a vote on his border wall and told him he had to deal with facts when he spoke to the Speaker of the House. Not getting his way, Donald had a tantrum, to the point of reportedly throwing papers around the office. He had better get used to this, because unless he leaves his world of delusion and joins us out here, as my mother used to say, “A hard head makes for a sore behind,” and he’s got a lot more spanking to come.

Not Looking Good For the President


This is not going to be a happy New Year for Donald Trump. Entering it as an unindicted co-conspirator, his jailed partner in crime and former lawyer Michael Cohen is vowing not to be the villain in history for Trump’s deeds. And then when the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January, more political fireworks will begin. They will initiate proposals for infrastructure, health care, climate change, and dare the Republicans in the Senate not to pass them. At the same time, all those folks that Mueller doesn’t want to call in, people like Jared Kushner or Don Trump, Jr., the House will be subpoenaing for testimony. They will either take the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination, or a sworn oath, knowing that Mueller and his team are watching. Knowing that every word they speak conforms to the text messages, emails, security intercepts, secret subpoenaed phone records, etc., that the Special Counsel’s office has, ready to spot any lie. Decisions, decisions. What is a young man to do?



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