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Hillary Trips Trump at Debate

By David Mark Greaves Hillary Trips Trump at Debate We watched the debate at that quintessential neighborhood night spot, the Tip Top Bar and Grill on Franklin Avenue. We were the first ones there, and as the debate approached, the place quickly filled to standing-room-only with young white millennials who the U.S. Census reported outnumber […]readmore

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Trump Kept the Fact-Checkers Busy Last Night

From the Democratic National Committee   Last night Donald Trump once again kept fact-checkers busy. From his lies on supporting the Iraq War and doubling down on his birther lies, to his assertion that we would learn more from a financial disclosure instead of his hidden tax returns, Trump has shown an aversion to the truth. […]readmore

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Obama Urges Black Voters, “GO TO THE POLLS!”

Obama Tells Black Voters It’s a “Personal Insult” If They Don’t Go to the Polls “You want to give me a good send-off? Go vote.” P.R. Lockhart, motherjones.com Barack Obama urged African-Americans to go to the polls in November in a speech this weekend at the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner. “My name may […]readmore