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Attention: Parents

Diane Stephen, Secretary, PTA Executive Board, PS 133/William A. Butler School, District 13, has kept us in the loop on some very important school news.

She reported to us that the Kindergarten Application Period is ongoing from now through February 14, 2014. To be eligible, your child needs to turn age 5 by December 31, 2014.

The application currently is available online at You can also apply over the phone 718-935-2400 or register in person at an Enrollment Office (8am – 3pm, Mon – Fri).

And here are more tips from the website to make the process work smoothly:


“Don’t try to game the system by putting down schools you think you have a better chance of getting into ahead of schools that you actually prefer. Rank all of your choices in your exact order of preference. If you get into a school other than your first-choice, you will be wait-listed for all of your previous choices, so there is no benefit to not being honest.

Priorities for school placement, in order, are:

* In zone siblings

* In zone new families

* In district siblings


* Out of district siblings

* Already attending pre-K at the school (in district)

* Already attending pre-K at the school (out of district)

* In district

* Out of district


Parents will be notified of their placement in April and wait-lists will be open throughout the summer”.

So thanks Ms. Stephen, Team PTA-P.S. 133, principal Heather Foster-Mann, and parent coordinator Ahmed Dickerson for directing us to this information.  Anyone interested in enrolling in P.S. 133, the only elementary school offering dual language programs in Spanish and French, should call 718-398-5320 for eligibility.


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