Round 4

One of the best movies I enjoyed as a kid was the “Rocky” saga movies that goes back to the very first one back in 1976. We all know how better and better the movies got throughout the years. This year in the NBA Finals we will be treated to a Rocky-like saga with the fourth consecutive year as the Golden State Warriors will meet up with the Cleveland Cavaliers in a best-of-seven series. Both teams are coming off nail-biting Game 7s in their respective conferences. (Cleveland defeated the Boston Celtics in the East Finals and the Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets in the West Finals.)

In the three meetings these two powerhouse teams have met, the Warriors hold a 2-2 lead, winning the NBA title in 2015 and in last year’s Finals as well. For the Cavaliers, the one person the Warriors know they have to at least “try” to contain is LeBron James. This will mark James’ 8th straight trip to the Finals and he will be seeking his fourth championship ring. However, as much as James has single-handedly dominated this postseason putting up historic numbers, he has also logged in a lot of minutes in the three previous playoff series. Against the Warriors, who can beat a team in many ways, James knows he will need a full supporting cast to go against players such as Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. The Warriors will seek back-to-back championship titles for the first time.

This series will be highly watched, I can guarantee it. You have some of the top players in the world going head-to-head, two teams that have a good idea of what each other is capable of. Whomever is there hoisting the trophy at the end will, without a doubt, put themselves one step closer to not only making more history but solidifying themselves as one of the greatest teams ever established. LeBron looks to make more history in what has been a memorable postseason that may have locked him up to win this year’s Most Valuable Player Award. The Warriors have been giving many viewers some first-half scares just to come alive and head to the next round with their game-changing second-half play. Who will win Round 4 of this NBA Finals? It all starts tonight. Get your popcorn ready!

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