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Governor David A. Paterson's Administrative Accomplishments

From the beginning of David Paterson’s unplanned ascent to Governor, he made thousands of executive decisions. Among the first was working with the legislature to finalize an on-time budget one week in office. Because of his record on progressive issues, the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Donna Lieberman said Paterson’s term in office was “probably the most productive for civil rights and liberties in decades.”
Here are some highlights of David Paterson’s term as Governor.

December 2010
12.24.2010 – Gov. Paterson announced 24 pardons of immigrants
12.23.2010 – Gov. Paterson commutes John White’s sentence
12.15.2010 – Announced Executive    Order to promote sustainable local farms
12.13.2010 – Signs Wage Theft Prevention    Act
12.11.2010 – Issued Executive Order on Hydraulic Fracturing
12.10.2010 – Signed legislation creating    Commission on Judicial Compensation
12.09.2010 – Announced program to finance energy efficiency work and create green jobs economy
November 2010
11.23.2010 – Signed MWBE legislation
11.14.2010 – Announced Four Loko to Stop Shipping Alcohol Energy Drinks to NY
October 2010
10.28.2010 – Announced $28.5 million in federal high-speed rail funding
10.26.2010 – Announced initiatives to create Livable Communities for Older Persons
10.14.2010 – Announced federal disaster assistance to help NYC recover from September tornadoes
10.14.2010 – Announced grant to SUNY Downstate Medical Center to acquire Long Island College Hospital
10.13.2010 – Announced launch of Online Executive Mansion Video Tour and Photo Gallery
10.06.2010 – Announce Fund for Performing Arts at World Trade Center
10.05.2010 – Announced launch of new business-focused website
10.04.2010 – Renamed state building in honor of Congresswoman Chisholm
September 2010
9.29.2010 – Launched public-private partnership to expand grocery stores in underserved neighborhoods
9.28.2010 – Announced New York awarded     $6.375 million grant for broadband mapping
9.27.2010 – Announced Genting NY makes licensing payment to develop and operate Aqueduct Casino
9.22.2010 – Appoints first ever NYS Chief Diversity Office
9.08.2010 – Signed Dignity for all Students Act

August 2010
8.31.2010 – Signed Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
8.19.2010 – Signed “Ian’s Law” to enhance health insurance protections
July 2010
7.30.2010 – Signed bills to promote HIV testing and remove barriers to needle exchange and syringe access
7.22.2010 – Announced approval for first phase of the Moynihan Station project
7.20.2010 – Signed legislation requiring Oil Industry to provide cleaner heating fuels
7.16.2010 – Signed “Stop-and-Frisk” bill into law
7.15.2010 -Signed four MWBE bills into law
7.14.2010 – Announced settlement with USDOJ to continue efforts to transform the Juvenile Justice System
7.13.2010 – Announced OMRDD to  become Office for People with Developmental Disabilities
7.12.2010 – Signed “Jack Shea” bill to combat drunken driving
7.07.2010 – Announced $50 million revolving loan fund to support small business in NY

June 2010
6.18.2010 – Announced agreement for funding MTA student pass program with Senator Sampson and Speaker Silver

06.09.2010 Signed landmark health insurance reform legislation


May 2010
5.14.2010 – Released report detailing New York’s progress in the disbursement of stimulus funds
5.03.2010 – Created panel to review cases of legal immigrants facing deportation

April 2010
4.30.2010 – Announced NY awarded more than $308 million in federal education funding
4.26.2010 – Announced funds to support urgent care and other health services for St. Vincent’s community

March 2010
3.22.2010 – Opens first section of Brooklyn Bridge Park with Mayor Bloomberg
3.16.2010 – Signed Family Health Care Decision Act into law
3.05.2010 – Held budget town hall in Brooklyn

February 2010
2.16.2010 – Named members of Haitian Communications and Outreach Committee
2.11.2010 – Announced “New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out” to provide $16.8 million in rebates

January 2010
1.29.2010 – Announced creation of NY Haitian Earthquake Family Resource Center
1.16.2010 – Directs NY Air National Guard to assist in Haitian Relief efforts
1.14.2010 – Announced launch of online registry of NY citizens from Haiti


December 2009
– Announced $2 million in grants for community groups, local governments to ensure every New Yorker is counted in 2010 Census
– Announced record level of recovered wages to New York workers in 2009
– Ordered additional security for New York and to New Jersey Ferries
12.21.2009 – Announced E-Budget Initiative to save taxpayer dollars and reduce environmental impacts
12.17.2009 – Announced funding to continue Long Island Solar Energy Program
12.16.2009 – Signed Gender Identity and Expression Executive Order
12.15.2009 – Announced Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit cash advances for eligible SONYMA borrowers
12.15.2009 – Signed Comprehensive Foreclosure legislation into law
12.13.2009 – Outlined Payment Reduction Plan to keep NYS solvent
12.11.2009 – Signed Public Authorities Reform into law
12.10.2009 – Announced all New Yorkers 6 months and older now eligible to get H1N1 vaccine
12.10.2009 – Signed Tier V Pension Reform into law

November 2009
11.18.2009 – Signed groundbreaking DWI legislation into law
11.09.2009- Announced reform of Mitchell-Lama regulations
11.02.2009- Released County-by-County Stimulus benefit data

September 2009
9.17.2009- Signed legislation to strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence
9.09.2009- Signed legislation to eliminate the use of “Oriental” in state documents
9.09.2009- Signed legislation to expand voting opportunities for Russian-Americans
9.06.2009- Signed Prompt Pat bill to ensure timely payments of construction contracts
9.01.2009 – Unveiled new Taxpayer Accountability website

9.01.2009 – Announced $300,000 in grants to four school-based clinics in Brooklyn
August 2009
8.20.2009 – Hosts first annual West Indian Carnival Parade reception
8.11.2009 – Announced back-to-school assistance program for hundreds of NY children with George Soros
8.07.2009 – Signed Executive Order to eliminate unnecessary regulatory requirements on businesses and local government
08.06.2009 – Announced $77 million in stimulus funds for LIRR’s Atlantic Avenue Viaduct
08.06.2009 – Announced $598 million in grants for independent colleges and universities across the state
08.06.2009 – Signed Executive Order to reduce NY’s greenhouse gas pollution
08.04.2009 – Announced $10 million in stimulus funding for replacement of MTA Metro-North Railroad’s Park Avenue Bridge
July 2009
07.31.2009- Announced $11.3 million in funding to support limited-income commuters and individuals with disabilities
07.29.2009- Signed legislation to enhance historic preservation tax credit
07.29.2009- Signed legislation to extend affordable housing program in Brooklyn
07.28.2009- Kicked off major runway reconstruction at JFK Airport
07.13.2009- Signed legislation to continue Power for Jobs program
07.08.2009- Appointed Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch
07.08.2009- Announced creation of NY Small Business Task Force
07.01.2009- Announced first public assistance grant increase in 19 years

June 2009
06.30.2009 – Announced $33.1 million in stimulus funding for NYC transportation infrastructure
06.25.2009 – Established Police-on-Police Shootings task force
06.15.2009 – Created Office of Taxpayer Accountability
06.13.2009 – Announced WIC Checks now accepted for fresh produce at NY farmer’s markets
May 2009
05.27.2009 – Required new stimulus jobs to be posted on public website
05.20.2009 – Enacted legislation to extend unemployment insurance
05.15.2009 – Announced plans for largest solar project in State history
05.14.2009 – Signed Executive Order to phase out the State’s purchase of bottled water
April 2009
04.20.2009 – First lady Michelle Paige Paterson Announced winners of Healthy Steps to Albany: First Lady’s Challenge
04.27.2009 – Issued Executive Order to help reduce propertry taxes in NY
04.26.2009 – Activated Health Emergency Preparedness Plan; puts State on “High Alert” for Swine Flu
04.24.2009 – Signed Rockefeller Drug Reform into law


03.31.2009 – Announced $350 million for film tax credit
03.29.2009 – Announced budget agreement to close largest budget gap in State history
03.24.2009 – Announced approval of Jacob K. Javits Convention Center renovation and expansion
03.23.2009 – Announced awards for New Doctors Across NY program
03.23.2009 – Announced program to make drugs more affordable for lower-income New Yorkers with free Prescription Drug Card
03.20.2009 – Announced enhancements to New York’s small business lending programs
03.16.2009 – Opens new South Ferry Terminal station
03.09.2009 – Announced action to freeze salaries for Executive Chamber staff
03.02.2009 – Announced new initiative to help unemployed workers travel to find work
01.30.2009 – Signed bill to strengthen probation laws
01.29.2009 – Announced record high child support collections in 2008 – $1.7 billion collected for New York’s children and families
01.26.2009 – Announced increase of $48 million in federal weatherization grants
01.15.2009 – New report from State task force to halt abusive lending transactions shows zNY a leader in addressing foreclosure crisis
01.13.2009 – Nominates Jonathan Lippman to serve as Chief Judge of NYS Court of Appeals
01.05.2009 – Announced record level of recovered wages returned to NY workers in 2008
12.29.2008 – Presents economic recovery agenda to President-Elect Obama
12.23.2008 – Executive Budget eliminates largest deficit in State history, reins in spending
12.15.2008 – Signed cigarette tax legislation
12.04.2008 – Announced partnership with People’s Republic of China to provide American students with scholarships abroad, with the State University of NY
November 2008
11.25.2008 – In one of New York’s Asthma hot spots, the Bronx: Announced enforcement initiative to curb health impacts associated with heavy truck emissions
11.11.2008 – Issued Executive Orders establishing the NYS Council on returning veterans and their families
11.07.2008 – Announced new website to open budget process

10.28.2008 – Announced that NY faces a record $47 billion budget deficit over the next four years – largest in State history
10.16.2008 – Announced $170 million in new federal funding for New York’s food stamp program
10.02.2008 – Vetoed 171 bills, saving NY taxpayers $531.7 million over next two years
08.20.2008 – Announced agreement with legislature to enact an over $1 billion, two-year savings plan at special session
08.15.2008 – Signs law on mandatory overtime in hospitals and other health care facilities
08.07.2008- Signs bill to expand disability benefit eligibility to additional participants in World Trade Center rescue and recovery
08.07.2008 – Signed “Broadcast Employees Freedom to Work Act”
08.05.2008 – Signed comprehensive reforms to address foreclosure crisis
07.25.2008 Signs bill to deliver worker’s benefits to NY livery cab drivers
07.23.2008 Signed bill to help children with Autism Spectrum disorders
07.09.2008 Announced availability of new enhanced driver license
06.30.2008 – Awards more than 1,100 scholarships to graduating high school seniors

May 2008
05.30.2008 – Announced NYS first in nation to reach food safety milestone
05.29.2008 – Announced NY small businesses to receive $50 million in insurance refunds
05.23.2008 – Announced pardon of Ricky “Slick Rick” Walters
05.22.2008 – Signed bill to make saving for college easier for NY families
05.15.2008 – Signed legislation to outlaw display of a noose as a means of intimidation
05.14.2008 – Signed legislation to protect children from internet sex predators
05.08.2008 – Announced nearly $109 million in new stem cell research funding
05.02.2008 – Signed legislation toi increase penalties for assault on the elderly
05.01.2008 – First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson announces solar panel installation at Governor’s mansion
05.01.2008 – Signs legislation protecting New Yorkers against infringement of first amendment rights by foreign libel judgments

04.23.2008 – Signs bill expanding tax credit for NYS film productions
04.16.2008 – Announced NYC metro area to receive $34 million for emergency communications
04.09.2008 – Announced historic $1.7 billion increase in education funding, advances goal of universal pre-kindergarten
04.08.2008 – Announced $5 million investment in nursing education to address nursing shortage in NYS

03.28.2008 – NY awards $105 million in health information technology grants

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